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ATK 6.4 released
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:18 am 

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Less than 3 months after the 6.3 release we released ATK 6.4! :D It was actually released 2 weeks ago... so I'm sorry for not announcing it earlier. :oops:

This release contains the changes part of the bug hunt night where we fixed most of the bugs people explicitly asked us to give priority to. So special thanks to everyone who helped that night! And of course also thanks to everybody else who worked on this release.

Next to the bug hunt night changes this release contains lots of other fixes and enhancements, the complete list:
* atkUI::render now supports PHP-based templates. If the template name ends
  with ".php" PHP will be used to render the template. If the name ends with
  ".tpl" and a file with the extension ".tpl.php" exists PHP will be used,
  otherwise Smarty will be used to render the template. [Peter]
* Updates are now nested in the session stack just like save actions. [Peter]
* Validate with atkNode::allowed if certain MRA actions are valid for a
  certain record for atkDGList. [Peter]
* Fix atkActionHandler::setRejectInfo/getRejectInfo so that the reject info
  is still available when the stack gets forked and don't clear the reject
  info anymore after reading it. This makes it possible to refresh your
  browser when you get redirect back to the add/edit action after an error
  occured. [Peter]
* atkAddHandler::getRejectInfo now accepts a parameter which you can use to
  specify that you don't want the reject info to be removed from the
  session. [Peter]
* Fixed atkDateAttribute/atkDateTimeAttribute null value selection. [Peter]
* atkSessionManager stack fork now also copies the global stack vars for the
  current stack. [Peter]
* Bug fix atkColumnConfig order by statement parser. [Peter]
* Changed the behaviour of the dateattribute. I can't expain why, nothing
  has changed recently but it suddenly returned the current date when
  you left it blank while using extended search or adding records. Causing
  the search to break and new records always contain the current date.
  Hope this change doesn't break things. If you have any issues let
  me know. [Martin]
+ Added the possibility to implement the methods handleUpdateSuccess
  and/or handleUpdateError in your node to override the normal behavior
  of atkUpdateHandler after updating a record. For example to redirect
  to something else. [Peter]
* Fixed input field size in atkNumberAttribute and atkMySQLi driver for
  numeric columns with decimals. [Peter]
+ Added new fluent interface for setting meta policy attribute properties.
  The interface allows you to modify attributes in all ways the normal meta
  policy supports, but also adds support for inserting attributes before/after
  (insertBefore/insertAfter) attributes or at the top/bottom
  (insertAtTop/insertAtBottom) of all attributes. The interface is returned
  when calling atkMetaPolicy::get with one or more attribute names or as the
  result of a call to add, addFieldSet, hasOne and hasMany. [Peter]
* Fixed bug in atkEditHandler which allowed you to edit non-existing records
  without giving any warning whatsoever. [Peter]
* Fixed bug in atkModule::menuitem which caused menu items with an explicit
  null parent menu, not to be added to the main menu. [Peter]
* Fixed bug in meta node handeling of password attributes, which incorrectly
  always were made obligatory. [Peter]
+ Added "alwaysShowGrid" option to the atkDGList component to always show
  the list header in embed mode, even if there are no records. [Peter]
+ Added atkDataGrid::setComponentOption method to set an option for
  an existing datagrid component without having to overwrite the
  entire component definition. [Peter]
+ Added AF_ONETOONE_RESPECT_TABS flag for the atkOneToOneRelation which
  makes it possible to respect the tabs set in the master node for the
  1:1 relation in integration mode. [Peter]
+ Added methods for removing filters to atkDataGrid, e.g.
  atkDataGrid::removeFilter and atkDataGrid::removeFilters. [Peter]
+ Added an option to atkNode::countDb, atkNode::selectDb and atkSelector
  to ignore the default filters that have been set on a node. [Peter]
* atkDataGrid now makes sure that it doesn't set filters twice, when
  retrieving data for the grid, by using the new ignoreDefaultFilters()
  switch in atkSelector. [Peter]   
* atkStringParser now has an option to disable the replacing of unknown
  fields with an empty string. This is used for record action URL's which
  can otherwise not easily contain array-based parameters. [Peter]
* $config_meta_caching is in skel/ by default disabled because
  if you start developing a new application, your tables are  still in flux.
  Having this option enabled by default causes a lot of confusion. Next to
  this the performance impact isn't huge, so even if people forget to enable
  this option it isn't a big deal (but if you are reading this, you should
  enable this option on production environments!). If the option is disabled
  the debug output contains a special warning. [Peter]
* PHP 5.3 compatibility fixes. [Peter]
+ Added support for editing records in-line in a datagrid. Note: This feature
  is still EXPERIMENTAL, at the moment there is no good validation/error
  handeling yet. To enable this feature simply set some attributes as editable
  using $node->setEditableListAttributes(...). [Peter]
* Make sure if someone resorts a grid on a certain column the
  current record offset is reset to 0. [Peter]
* Added AF_BOOL_HIDE_TOOLBAR flag for atkBoolAttribute which can be
  used to hide the select all, none etc. links. [Peter]
* ATK now first searches for nodes in <module>/nodes/ and only
  falls back to <module>/ if necessary. [Peter]
* Improved the speed of CSV imports (bug #1271) [Arjen]
* atkExportHandler now respects the current search parameters
  (bug #1251). [Arjen, Peter]
* Fixed func_concat for OCI8 driver (bug #571). [Arjen]
* Lower attribute columns or expressions when sorting (bug #1311)
  [Arjen, Peter]
+ Added support for Microsoft's Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI)
  authentication  (bug #978). [Matthieu, Ivo]
+ Added support for displaying boolean fields as checkboxes in list/view
  mode (bug #682) [MichaelZ, Peter]
* Fixed import of certain CSV import files (bug #796). [Alfred]
+ Added support for specifying columns for attributes which can be used in
  the theme to show attributes in different columns (bug #1017) [Rik, Peter]
+ Added specific template for view actions in Steelblue theme, because IE was
  having some troubles with nested forms in the view action. [Tjeerd]
+ Added OnChangeHandler support for the atkfileattribute. [Tjeerd]
* Fixed sorting m2one relations. Switching between sort orders didn't
  work. Sorting was only possible in asc order. [Martin]
+ Added OnChangeHandler support for the atktimeattribute. [Martin]
+ Add 'showAll' atkDGList option. When true (default), the 'records per
  page' option will have an 'all' option. [Marc]
* Fixed displaying of 'size' (integral part) of atkNumberAttribute. [Paul
  Reid, Boy]
* Fixed displaying of large integer (non-decimals) numbers of
  atkNumberAttribute (larger than 2147483647). [Paul Reid, Boy]
* Fixed (de)selecting rights in subgroups [Jeroen]
* Changed atkUrlEncode and atkUrlDecode functions to allow encoding a string
  9 times instead of 4. Also added some testcases to verify the expected
  behaviour of these functions. [Guido]

The release can be downloaded at


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