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If working with themes it is a good idea to set $config_force_theme_recompile = true; so that the theme changes get populated.

$theme["basetheme"] = "outlook";
$theme['compatible_menus'] = array("[value]");
Possible values : any menu name. cook, modern, outlook, plain, etc.
$theme['dialog_theme_name'] = '[value]';
called in
Default value : alphacube
$theme['dialog_theme_load'] = [value];
called in
Default value : true
called in needed if $theme['useframes']=false ?
Default value : atkSelf() (but probably not setable to that as internal code)
$theme["doctype"] = '[value]';
Probably anything valid by ?w3c? called in
Possible values : <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN"'."\n".'"">
Possible values : 95, 149, etc.
$theme["highlight"] = "";
Possible values : "", "#D6DFF7", "#c5d7ff", "#ccffcc", other colors etc.
needed if $theme['useframes']=false ?
needed if $theme['useframes']=false ?
Possible values : right, left, ?
$theme["select"] = "";
Possible values : "", "#D6DFF7", "#96a7ff", other colors etc.
$theme["tabtype"] = "dhtml";
apparently only dhtml is a possible value? called in
Possible values : dhtml;
Default value : none?;
if set to false then dispatcher, menufile, and menu_params have to be set? defaults to true?

Outlook style menu

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