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ATK Howto: Using multiple databases

Complexity: Advanced
Author: Marlbil

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Posted on the forum by user marlbil (Marlon Bilog)

1. just add other database in like:

$config_db["module1db"]["driver"] = "mysql"; 
$config_db["module1db"]["host"] = "localhost"; 
$config_db["module1db"]["db"] = ""; 
$config_db["module1db"]["user"] = ""; 
$config_db["module1db"]["password"] = ""; 
$config_db["module2db"]["driver"] = "mysql"; 
$config_db["module2db"]["host"] = "localhost"; 
$config_db["module2db"]["db"] = ""; 
$config_db["module2db"]["user"] = ""; 
$config_db["module2db"]["password"] = ""; 

2. then specify the db to use in your nodes:


3. and, if you use your node in other relations. just add the flag:

for many2one:


for one2one:


Note that some features (like column sort) in the admin page does not work. So, you may also add the flag:

for many2one and one2one:

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