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ATK Howto: Configure Application Identity from

Complexity: Easy
Author: WayneH

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In the ATK configuration file use these examples and change as required

// Logos
// Original ATK size approx 103w x 29h pixels
$config_theme_logo = "images/"logo.jpg";
// Original ATK size approx 269w x 102h pixels
$config_theme_login_logo = "images/login_logo.jpg";

// favicon
// Size 16 x 16 pixels with animation
$config_defaultfavico = "images/favicon.gif";

For STILLBLUE theme -
logo.jpg is displayed on the left side of the top row of each ATK page
login_logo.jpg is displayed on the ATK login form page
favicon.gif is displayed on the left of the URL in the browser address space


Add these lines to ATK configuration file and change as required -

$config_app_title = 'ATK Demo Application';
$config_app_shorttitle = 'ATK Demo';
$config_app_description = 'Welcome to the ATK demo. Please select a lesson from the main menu.';

Edit appropriate language file. eg ./languages/en.lng as follows -

'app_title' => atkconfig("app_title",'ATK Demo Application'),
'app_shorttitle' => atkconfig("app_shorttitle",'ATK Demo'),
'app_description' => atkconfig("app_description",'Welcome to the ATK demo. Please select a lesson from the main menu.')

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