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Attribute: atkListAttribute

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The atkListAttribute is used for list several options in a select. In database it can be a varchar.


The constructor of the atkListAttribute has the following params:

atkListAttribute (mixed $name, mixed $optionArray, [mixed $valueArray = ""], [mixed $flags = 0])
  • name String

Name of the attribute (the same as the fieldname used in the database)

  • optionArray Array

Array with options to be show. If valueArray is not passed, or null, it will be save at database too.

  • valueArray (optional) Array

Array with values to be save to database.

  • flags (optional) Integer

Flags for the attribute. For more information about flags, please checkout the flags section.


(in a node constructor):

 $this->add(new atkListAttribute("fruit", array("orange", "lemon", "grape"));

Adds a field fruit to the node. In the admin this will be displayed as select with "orange", "lemon", "grape".

$this->add(new atkListAttribute("fruit", array("orange", "lemon", "grape"), array(1,2,3), AF_LIST_OBLIGATORY_NULL_ITEM);

The same, but instead of save fruit names to database, it will save 1, 2 or 3. Also, there will be a default option that will save null to database.

(in a metanode meta-method):

 $policy->setTypeAndParams("fruit", "atklistattribute", array(array("orange", "lemon", "grape"), array(1,2,3)));

The same but for the atkMetaNode, and without the flags (you could add them as an extra parameter, but it's considered bad practice and you should add flags with an additional $policy->addFlag(s) call).

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