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This part of the wiki aims to provide high level documentation on every part of ATK.
For further detailed information about the objects/methods and functions of ATK, please visit the ATK API documentation.

Reference categories


ATK is a modular framework and as such all functionality in ATK applications reside in modules.


A node is built with attributes. Attributes are comparable to datatypes of fields in the database. They describe the content and house all functionality for dealing with that content.


In order to use a node ATK uses 'actions', these include but are not limited to CRUD functions of a database (corresponding to the Add, View, Update and Delete actions in ATK).

User Interface

ATK posesses several methods of output handling and automated generating of a UI.


ATK uses and extends the SimpleTest Testing framework for Test driven development and also supports PHPUnit.

Database connections

Information about database connections in ATK.


ATK fully supports the creation of multi-lingual applications.


A node is comparable to a table in a database, which groups certain data elements in one collection.
An ATK node provides all the functionality for one such collection.


To associate nodes with eachother ATK makes use of Relations, these are comparable to relations in ERDs (one-to-one, one-to-many, etc.).

Meta functionality

ATK supports on-the-fly generation of nodes and attributes by using the metadata of your database. A very powerfull tool for quick development of web applications on an existing database.


ATK provides various objects and functions for performing common tasks like traversing a directory, parsing stringings, debugging, etc.


ATK supports various methods of authentication (users) and authorisation (privileges).


ATK has advanced session handling methods for remembering and application data.


ATK Configuration Options V8

(OLD ATK has many configuration options. OLD)

Miscellaneous References

Constants and Flags

Various FLAGS used by ATK, including Module Flags ATK V8+, Node Flags ATK V8+, Attribute Flags ATK V8+ and Relation Flags ATK V8+

(OLD Various constants and flags used by ATK, including Attribute Flags, Node Flags, Relation Flags and Module Flags OLD)

Extensions in ATK

Various 'extensions' in ATK, other Open Source software that is included in ATK.


Do you have a contribution for the ATK framework? This page explains how to contribute them.

Coding Guidelines

If you develop for Achievo, ATK, please stick to these guidelines.


When you have a problem, you might want to debug your application

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