Download ATK

ATK is downloadable in 2 flavours: The plain ATK library, and a demo application which includes the ATK library and samples to get you started. If you're a first time user, we strongly recommend you start with the demo application, which will get you running in as few as 5 easy steps.

Note: For both distributions, you need a working webserver with PHP 5 support. ATK runs on MySQL, Oracle 8i+, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and other common databases.


ATK 'getting started'

(The framework plus a demo application)

The instructions to get the demo running can be found in the doc/ subdirectory, in the INSTALL file.


The plain ATK library

Living on the edge?

If you want to have the latest version of ATK, you can get ATK from our SVN server.

The ATK Framework:

svn checkout atk

The demo application:

svn checkout atkdemo


As of version 6.2.0, the license of ATK is the LGPL license. This means you can use it at will in open source or closed source products. See the licensing page for more info.

Upgrade Notes

The changelog for this release can be found in the doc/CHANGES file of ATK.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of ATK, backup your application and data. Replace the atk directory of your application with the plain ATK library mentioned above.

Replace your glue files (index.php, dispatch.php, etc.) with the new versions from atk/skel/. If you made customizations to these files, make sure to reapply your customizations to the new versions, or have a look at the new versions and adapt your gluefiles accordingly.

Also it is a good idea to remove all files from the atktmp/themes and atktmp/compiled/tpl dirs.